How to take care of your cell phone battery

How to take care of your cell phone battery

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We share some tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

Our cell phones accompany us everywhere. We use them for multiple tasks, and therefore they must offer us the best experience.

However, the battery is one of the elements that wear out the fastest in these devices, and it is horrible when you want to send a message, enter your social networks or watch your series, and you realize that there is not enough power. Therefore, we share some tips to prolong the life of your battery.

Before getting into the subject, it is worth first explaining a little how cell phone batteries work. As you may already know, its capacity is measured in milliamps, which basically represent the amount of energy that the battery stores and then releases while using the mobile device.

Even though brands have been increasing the batteries' power, this point is still a headache for many because they still longingly remember the times when a basic cell phone, which only allowed messages and calls, lasted active up to a week.

Tips for saving your smartphone's battery

Today with larger screens, higher resolution, and greater functions, that sounds almost impossible. However, there are actions that we can take to get the most out of it and make the energy last longer.

The screen

Adjust the brightness of the screen according to the lighting you need at the time. The screen is critical in a smartphone. It has qualities that need to consume more battery. The devices have automatic brightness adjustment to achieve a good balance, whose function is to adapt it to the ambient light. Besides, taking care of this aspect is beneficial for your eyes.

It is also worth activating the screen sleep after a few seconds that you stop using it.

The system

Keep your phone updated. Updates will allow you to enjoy the latest usability advances released by brands, for example, better security, or take advantage of improvements in performance and battery use.

In this area, one more tip is to install only the applications that you are actually going to use and update them constantly. Even when you are not using them, most apps are consuming resources in the background and, therefore, also battery, which is normal and beneficial in many cases. The problem comes when they are not used, and finally, they consume energy.


Use the battery saving function, manually or automatically when you only have 15% or less left. Through it, the data transmission and synchronization of applications in the background are limited, which can be activated exclusively when you need it and open these apps.

Added to this is the limitation of vibration during typing, incoming calls or alarms, and graphics and processing resources are optimized so that your battery is ready if you need it in an emergency.

On the other hand, it reduces unnecessary widgets. Just as apps also need the energy to continue offering easy access to your favorite apps, they usually consume more processing since they are always available and up-to-date by their nature.

The charger

Use only the charger that your smartphone offers you, and, in case you need a replacement, look for the original one offered by the manufacturer, as they have been designed to provide the energy required by the specific product and model.

Do not forget to unplug the charger once the cell phone has reached 100% to avoid overheating.

For the most careful

Turning off geolocation, that is, your GPS favors the reduction of consumption.

It's also a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you're not using them as your phone transmits data over Wi-Fi and, in many cases, network availability and signal strength shorten your daily performance.

Experts also advise suspending the cell phone after using the flashlight or taking a photograph because, as the lens is open, the battery is used up.

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